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Trademark: $800

-     Comprehensive trademark search, including: 

   Federal Trademark Database

-     Google Search

   Social - Facebook, Instagram

-     Domains

   State Business Registry

   State Trademark Database 

   Trademark Memo including search results and business analysis

   Assistance with gathering the necessary documentation 

   Preparing and filing of trademark application 

-     Trademark application review

   All correspondence with USPTO (trademark office)

   Serving of Attorney of Record

-     Templated Cease and Desist Letter

    Framed Trademark Registration Certificate 

Business Formation

starting at $150, depending on business

-     LLC

-     Corporations


-     Non-profits

Contract Drafting/Review

starting at $150, including but not limited to

-     Independent Contractor Agreements

   Employment Agreements

-     Vendor Agreements

   Operating Agreements

-     Liability and Disclosure Notices 

-     Privacy Notices 

-     Client Service Agreement 

   Website Terms of Use 

Business Packages

-     New Business Started Kit: Business Formation, EIN #, Trademark, and business bank account  - $1200

-     Website Compliance Package: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Trademark - $1000


-     Operational Compliance Package: Operational Agreement, Employee Contracts, Independent Contractor Agreements, Client Service Agreement - starting at $750

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